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    •custom balloon swags•

  • Simple Start

    I started to make balloon swags at home to make sure our family celebrations felt significant and festive... and then requests from friends came flooding in. After planning my own wedding, decorating for showers and corporate events I started Hollypop to share my love for parties and bring an extra bit of pop to yours.

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  • Services

    If you can celebrate it, decorate it!

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    Arrangements for hotels, offices, and shops. Consultation, design, delivery and set-up available.

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    Personal moments are worth the biggest celebration. From Black-tie weddings to backyard affairs each have sweetest memories that deserve pop and perfection.

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    Township Events

    Friday Night Lights to Festival in the Park- I have town events in my blood and know how to draw a crowd.

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    Car Dealerships

    360 degree brand recognition and fresh installations to keep morale and sales at their peak! For holidays or year around experience.

  • Pricing

    HOLLYPOP specializes in large projects and parties. Teams and equipment make it possible to create anything you can dream of. We price by STYLE, with a minimum of 1,000 per job. Choose which Style you would like- or send us a picture of something different and get a custom price!


    **at HOLLYPOP we are unapologetically favorable towards local business. If you have a local grand opening or small business event please contact us for pricing that is within your budget without the necessity of meeting our minimum**

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  • Take a Peek

    I'm a small business-if you don't see something you'd like, please fill out my inquiry form below and let me meet your needs!



    Starts at 50 ft and $1,000. Each additional foot is $20

    • Fun & dramatic
    •  Complex look & feel, varied sizes & lots of pop!
    • Customized colors 
    • No limit to length
    • Requires HOLLYPOP setup 


    Starts at 50 ft and $1,000. Each additional foot is $25

    • Stunning swag with high drama
    • High complexity, more details & clustered small balloons for greater texture
    • Extra Width, perfect for a blank space
    • Pooling bottom & multiple sized balloons with trailing small balloons to give dimension
    • Customized colors
    • No limit to length
    • Requires HOLLYPOP setup (worth the perfection & reduction in stress!)


  • Keep Up!

    I service the Sandhills of North Carolina. Not sure if you're close enough for delivery? I'm happy to have you pick-up your Hollypop swag with complete hanging instructions.

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  • Contact Me!

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

    Text-910-420-0470, Email- hollypopco@gmail.com

    •I do not take orders in Instagram DM's or Facebook messages•


    To get a quick 'yes!' to your booking inquiry please include your party date & time, location and balloon colors!